In the Thompson River region of BC the coastal mountains are rugged and desert like. The Thompson blasts and winds its way through a narrow canyon passage as it makes its way to the Pacific Ocean. The Trans-Canada Highway (Highway # 1), from Hope through to Spences Bridge to Kamloops follows the Fraser and Thompson River Canyons, the Thompson River meets the Fraser River at Lytton BC. The Thompson River Canyon, is world famous for white water rafting sport fishing and outdoor adventure. The Fraser and Thompson Rivers are famous for the pacific salmon that migrate to their spawning grounds in the BC interior every year. Spences Bridge on the Thompson River is known around the for its steelhead fishing. The Thompson River, flowing from the Kamloops Lake the Thompson River is one of the main contributors to the Fraser River. The Thompson is a beautiful river that changes color throughout the season and midsummer to the following spring it’s  a beautiful jade green. Known for its dry desert like climate the Thompson is perfect for campers and outdoor adventures. The river is a haven for kayakers, white water rafting enthusiasts and fishers. Certain areas of the river are safe for swimming at appropriate water levels, however you should have experience and knowledge in river swimming. The climate in the area has attracted fruit growers for many decades and this means you can enjoy some of this tasty fruit at one of the many local fruit stands. The Thompson Canyon has many provincial and private campgrounds and RV parks as well as many great local accommodations, resorts and B&Bs. Begin your Thompson adventure at the mouth asit flows into the dark Fraser in the heart of Lytton BC, the hottest city in Canada.