Nahatlatch Valley – The Drive to Nahatlatch Valley Provincial Park is amazing. Running along the west side of the Fraser you will cross stunning creeks and ponds and a bridge that is high above the jade green Nahatlatch River. As you cross the bridge you are entering the Nahatlatch Canyon, this next stretch winds along the north eastern side of the river. While you are driving you will see the canyon begin to open in the river valley that is separated by four amazing lakes. Each lake has its own unique color. While at the Nahatlatch Valley¬†you can enjoy some of the best white water rafting in the world. Cabin rentals are available and many provincial campgrounds are spread throughout the area along the river side and 4 separate lakes. Other activities include Fishing, Hiking, Canoeing, and visiting the Mehatl Fall’s and Grizzly Fall’s. To get to the Nahatlatch River Lakes and River Valley, take the Trans-Canada Highway, head east until you reach Boston Bar, turn left and head through North Bend and then follow Chaumox Road.