People come from all over the world to South Western British Columbia for great opportunities in kayaking. The Fraser Canyon is host to great still water kayaking and North Americas best white water kayaking. With so many lakes, rivers and creeks to choose from there is endless days of unlimited kayaking fun available. Fraser Canyon is known to be the hottest region in Canada with summers that can get hotter than Texas; it’s a great way to enjoy the fresh water kayaking opportunities in the Fraser Canyon. Guided kayaking tours are available through any of the local rafting companies and kayaking lessons are available for children and youth at camp Squeah in Dogwood Valley. Visit the Hope or Lytton Visitor Information Center for information regarding the great kayaking opportunities. While visiting the Fraser Canyon relax in one of the canyons many lakes enjoying lush green forest, towering canyon mountains and cliffs, pristine valleys and wildlife aboard your kayak. Our smog less sky is filled with bright and countless stars and you can see the Milky Way reflecting on the lake. There are great camping, cabins, accommodations and resorts to guarantee you have a great stay. Enjoy the beauty and wild tranquility of the Fraser Canyon and start planning your kayaking trip today.