Dogzilla on Dog Mountain in Hope BC is a great downhill mountain biking trail with skill levels ranging from beginner to advance. The trail has great differing obstacles, bridge work, jumps and downhill sections. To get to Dogzilla¬†trail Fallow the #1 Hwy East Bound out of Hope for approximately 2 km. Turn Right onto the #7 HWY the Haig. Fallow the #7 for approximately 1 km until you see the overhead highway message board. Park on the left hand side of the highway facing west-bound; do not block the railway crossing. Cross the HWY and the trails are visible, as you hike up the trail after 5 minutes you will see an old run down cabin on the side of the trail, if you see this you’re in the right place. While downhill biking please be mindful of other bikers and hikers in the area. ALL TRAILS ARE USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!