1510, 2014

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1410, 2014

Goldpan Provincial Park

1310, 2014

Othello Tunnels

The Othello Tunnels in Hope British Columbia displays great history scenery and makes a nice leisure walk through some of British Columbia’s most beautiful landscapes. In the Coquihalla engineers forged through mountain cliffs and over the raging canyon to construct a series of bridges and tunnels that blast through the rugged terrain, you can walk along the path where the Kettle Valley Railway once operated, learn about this spectacular piece of history, and view the magnificent Coquihalla Canyon.

1310, 2014

Historic Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park

Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park is a small park centered on the site of the original Caribou Wagon Road Bridge over the Fraser River. The original Alexandra Bridge was constructed in 1861 by Joseph W. Trutch and named after Princess Alexandra of Wales. To recover the $45,000 construction cost for the 90 meter bridge, a toll of $7.40 per ton was charged. Today a second a Second Alexandra Bridge , built in 1926, sits on the site of the original which was dismantled in 1912, the park was established in 1984. It provides both a rest stop with picnic facilities for travelers. Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park is two kilometers north of Spuzzum and 40 km north of Hope. There is a hiking trail that leads visitors down to the site of the old Alexandra Bridge; part of the trail is remains of the old highway from the 1920s. Fish passing through this area to tributaries of the Fraser include; Pink, Chum, Spring, Coho and Sockeye. Anyone fishing or angling in British Columbia must have the appropriate license. The park is open April 28 to October 9. The third Alexandra Bridge which is currently in use sits in view from the old Alexandra Suspension Bridge and makes a picturesque site of the Fraser Canyon.

1310, 2014

Nahatlatch Valley

Nahatlatch Valley – The Drive to Nahatlatch Valley Provincial Park is amazing. Running along the west side of the Fraser you will cross stunning creeks and ponds and a bridge that is high above the jade green Nahatlatch River. As you cross the bridge you are entering the Nahatlatch Canyon, this next stretch winds along the north eastern side of the river. While you are driving you will see the canyon begin to open in the river valley that is separated by four amazing lakes. Each lake has its own unique color. While at the Nahatlatch Valley you can enjoy some of the best white water rafting in the world. Cabin rentals are available and many provincial campgrounds are spread throughout the area along the river side and 4 separate lakes. Other activities include Fishing, Hiking, Canoeing, and visiting the Mehatl Fall’s and Grizzly Fall’s. To get to the Nahatlatch River Lakes and River Valley, take the Trans-Canada Highway, head east until you reach Boston Bar, turn left and head through North Bend and then follow Chaumox Road.

1310, 2014

Skagit Valley & Ross Lake

Approximately two hours from the Greater Vancouver area, Skagit Valley is part of a larger protected area complex that includes the US North Cascades National Park and the Ross Lake and Lake Chelan National Recreation Areas. This large tract of territory contains the Ross Lake Reservoir, an important source of hydro electricity for Seattle City Light. The Skagit Valley was carved by retreating glaciers and is characterized by excellent outdoor recreation opportunities in a natural, wilderness-like setting. Visitors can enjoy hiking along 50 km of trails, river fishing, camping, and picnicking. The Ross Lake Campground is unique because it crosses the United States and is fully staffed with American Park Rangers. The only way to access this American Park by vehical is through the Skagit Valley in Hope, B.C. and does not require any border crossings  so you can visit United States for the weekend without a passport.

1310, 2014

Skihist Provincial Park

Skihist Provincial Park is located near Lytton BC on the Thompson Canyon it offers campers a beautiful place to stay with picnic tables at every site. The sites are capable of hosting RV’s or just tents sanitation services are also provided.

1310, 2014

Stein Valley

The Stein Valley in the Fraser Canyon is an untouched heaven of protected BC wilderness. This 107,191 hectare Park
is complete with over 150 km of hiking trails, fishing, hunting, white water kayaking and rafting, canoeing, swimming,
bird watching, wildlife viewing, ski touring, snow shoeing, and many more outdoor adventure opportunities. Because this
area is a protected wilderness site, no vehicles, motor boats, float planes, or ATV’s are allowed in the park to preserve
the vast eco system that lives here. The Stein Valley has been traveled for thousands of years by the aboriginals of this
area the Nlaka’pamux people. used this valley as a source for food, tools, and other items needed for survival Pictograph
sites are still viewable, some of the largest pictograph sites in Canada can be viewed in the Stein Valley. Visitors are
asked to respect and preserve these historic sites by not touching them. Home to over 60 different species of land mammals
including mountain goat, cougar, wolverine, black bear, grizzly bear. Bird species include golden eagles, sharp shinned
hawks, barred owls, pigmy owls, white-tailed ptarmigan, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, as well as several species of chickadees,

warblers and nuthatches. The Stein River contains dolly varden char,
rainbow trout and Rocky Mountain whitefish, as well as
steelhead trout, Coho, […]