The Gold Rush – In 1858 the Fraser Canyon was transformed forever when word that banks of the Fraser River were rich with gold hundreds of thousands of pioneers made their way to the fierce Fraser Canyon in hopes to strike it rich. Thousands of men died in their efforts as the Fraser Canyon had such a dangerous terrain to cross. Simon Fraser dubbed an especially dangerous part of the canyon as “Hells Gate” stating in his journal that; “no man should ever venture through this point it was surely like passing through the gates of hell”. This didn’t stop the gold hungry miners from continuing on in the chance they would too become rich like the many successful gold prospectors of that time. Small cities started to burst up everywhere in the Fraser Canyon turning Yale BC in the largest North American city east of Chicago. After the hype had died down these communities remain rich in history tere is many places throughout the Fraser Canyon where you can visit and learn about the gold rush. Yale BC has a museum, historic church and pioneer graveyard which have been preserved for viewing. Historic Yale and Hells Gate Airtram both have gold panning setups where you can learn how to pan for gold and keep the gold as a souvenir. Visit the Hope Visitor Info Center for more information regarding open claim spots to pan right on the Fraser River (experience required) and maybe you too can strike it rich.