Yale, BC was once the largest cities north of San Francisco and west of Chicago. The gold rush boomtown has now dwindled in population but the history remains. Originally established as a trading post for the Hudson’s Bay Company, it grew with the gold rush and became the main terminal for one of the largest stern wheeler routes in North America.

The museum, which is located in Yale, is packed with great surprises, you can learn all about the rich history of Yale. Beside the museum is the historic church, it is the oldest church in British Columbia and still on its original foundation. The church is open for viewing. Also located on the grounds is the National Monument to the Chinese railway workers.

You can take a walk to many of the historic sights spread throughout the community. This quiet beautiful community is right in the heart of the canyon. The area is home to many great activities for all ages, especially outdoor adventure and exploration. There is a lot of great hiking, from trails to backcountry, like the Spirit Cave trails, known for the mystic whistling sound made from the wind that passes through them.

Yale also offers rafting trips from the Fraser River Rafting Expeditions, they offer day trips, week trips and more. Take a nature float trip or hit the white water of Hells Gate. Locals say that Yale is haunted because of the many people who died in the gold rush or during the construction of the railway. Some locals say it’s all myth and others say it’s for real. You be the judge. Come visit historic Yale and find out for yourself!