Spences Bridge, B.C – Steeped in history and heritage this small community has more to offer than bigger centers could only dream of; the weather, the wildlife, the adventure, the scenery, and the characters. When the California Gold Rush died the Caribou Gold Rush was born. Fortune seekers from all over converged to “Gold Country”. Spences Bridge was originally known as Little Forks; after the ferry was built it was known as Cooks Ferry, named after Mortimer Cook, the founder of the Ferry and one of the area hotel owners. In 1863 the government commissioned Thomas Spence to build a bridge across the Thompson River Canyon. Spence and his crew finished the bridge in the spring of 1984 and barely had time to step back and admire their work when unusually high waters washed the bridge away, Spence was immediately commissioned again to build another bridge and this was finished the following year. Thus Spences Bridge was born.