Boston Bar, BC was named after settlers from Boston landed on the sandbars to find gold successfully. In their search, Boston Bar was born. With time, the community became a railway community with both CPR and CNR passing through these narrow canyon walls. Today this community has grown into tourism and is now the gateway to some of the most beautiful camping in the world. This is a great place to stay as part of your trip to the canyon.

If you are a camping lover, visit some of the awesome camping areas accessible only through Boston Bar, like the Nahatlatch River Valley, Skuzzy Creek, Anderson Creek, North Bend, and more. If you’re a railway buff you can view the CNR and CPR at both rail stations. Across the Fraser River from Boston Bar is North Bend. There is an outdoor pool to cool down in those hot summer days. Located only 10 minutes from Hells Gate Airtram and 15 minutes from Blue Lake Resort, include Boston Bar in your next trip to the Fraser Canyon.