2907, 2016

Fraser River Reaction Ferry

This ferry is actually powered by the currents of the Fraser River. It brings vehicles and pedestrians across the River in Lytton BC and is a fun and free activity to experience. It also is the vehicle access to the Stein Valley Nlaka’pamux Heritage Park. Visitors don’t have to drive on the ferry to take a ride! You can also park your car and walk aboard to cross for a scenic and fun view of the Fraser River.

2907, 2016

Fraser River Suspension Bridge

There is a secret suspension bridge in the Fraser Canyon that not many know about. Here is how to get there:

Step 1 Pack water and be respectful to the land.
Step 2 Drive about 10 minutes past Lytton towards Lillooet
Step 3. Watch for a recycling transfer station on the right. Just past the transfer station is a road with a gate on the left with a small pullout you can park at.
Step 4. walk down the road for about 20 minutes.
Step 5. Be respectful to the land.

Feeling like a hike? The trail after the bridge will lead you to the Stein Valley Nlaka’pamux Heritage Park and Stein River Valley. Home to ancient and sacred aboriginal landmarks and spiritual locations which is typically accessed through #1 of this list but don’t skip ahead!

2111, 2014

Fraser River Catwalk

The best view of the Fraser River confluence can be seen from the exciting new Fraser River Catwalk that has been added onto the existing railway bridge in Lytton, British Columba. The catwalk features see through metal grating that gives this free to use local attraction its thrilling experience. Looking upstream  you will see a defined line of green and brown as two great rivers meet and become one.

911, 2014

Stein River

One of Canada’s most challenging commercially rafted white water rafting rivers the Stein River in Lytton, British Columbia is also one of the most eco diverse regions of Canada. Rafting the Stein is no easy task however all gear has to be hiked in including the raft and paddles. The Stein River is home to the Stein Valley Nlaka’pamux Heritage Park which is known to have thousands of years of cultural significance to aboriginal people. Please do not touch or tamper with any Pictographs, Petroglyphs or Culturally Modified Trees. Contact between these artifacts and your fingers transfers oils and acids which damage them.  The Stein River is apart of a  wilderness park containing spectacular scenery and outstanding historical, cultural and spiritual values. It protects the entire Stein River watershed.

1510, 2014

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1410, 2014

Braeden Lodge Motel

1410, 2014

Gold Coutry Re/Max Realty

1410, 2014

Totem Motel

1410, 2014

Goldpan Provincial Park

1410, 2014

Jade Springs Campground